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Nestled in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, Logma beckons with an outdoor terrace offering stunning views of the Dubai Fountain. This culinary gem celebrates traditional Emirati and Khaleeji dishes with a contemporary twist, promising a dining experience that marries authenticity with modern flair. A hotspot for tourists and locals alike, Logma is a tasteful introduction to […]

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Curated by Chef Izu Ani and Evgeny Kuzin, La Petite Ani exudes Parisienne street-style charm. The relaxed dining concept is located lower ground floor of DIFC – Marble Walk and serves French-Mediterranean cuisine that can be enjoyed within the casual café or perfectly packaged for take-away.  Inspired by the core elements of French cuisine & […]

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Mi Amie

Nestled in DIFC, a tropical rooftop oasis merges the chic vibes of Miami Beach with Dubai’s city lights. Savor coastal cuisine, sip sunsets in coconut sips, and relish panoramic views of the dazzling Dubai Skyline. Art-deco Miami inspires the vibrant aesthetic, blending ambient pastels and neon. From the cocktail lounge to private cabanas and a lively […]

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Sushiyaki offers an unparalleled experience, seamlessly blending traditional Japanese flavors with cutting-edge innovation. From exquisite sushi to irresistible yakitori, Sushiyaki is set to be the epitome of contemporary Japanese gastronomy. Explore the intersection of tradition and technology in an ambiance of modern elegance. Sushiyaki: where culinary excellence meets an Eastern state of mind. Sushiyaki beckons […]

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Al Beiruti

Indulge in Al Beiruti’s fusion of tradition and innovation—a culinary haven in Dubai for Lebanese cuisine. Savor the chic ambience, exceptional shisha, and a menu that marries traditional flavors with modern twists. Experience the unique show kitchen and let the vibrant energy captivate you—Al Beiruti is where every visit becomes a memorable encounter.  Open daily, […]

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Rüya offers a taste of sophisticated, contemporary dishes from the Anatolian peninsula, steeped in a rich and colourful history, which stretches from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. All of our dishes are seasonal; to ensure our dishes use only the very freshest ingredients, our herbs and spices are painstakingly sourced to guarantee the finest expression […]

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At Alici, Christmas celebrations are in full swing, with the ‘Beautiful brunch’ starting 23 December to 25 December from 1pm to 4pm. Located on the scenic Bluewaters Island, renowned for its seafood, the restaurant offers fresh oysters, caviar, raw seafood, an extensive wine selection, and live music. Guests can also enjoy the traditional Italian Christmas […]

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NEUHAUS- INVENTOR OF THE BELGIAN PRALINE AND TRADITIONAL BALLOTIN BOX. Neuhaus pralines are composed with the utmost care by its Maitres Chocolatiers, crafted in Belgium and made with the finest ingredients, 100 percent of the ingredients are of natural origin, without any exception. All chocolates are UTZ certified and sustainably farmed. Contact number: +971 50 6075160 […]

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