Steering clear from Spanish clichés of bullfighting, flamenco and castanets, Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre is bringing Spain’s most famous culinary tradition of tapas to Dubai with Bebemos.

Taking references from Spain’s culinary vibrancy and relaxed way of life, Bebemos marries robust flavours of the region with its extraordinary artistic heritage. The dining philosophy is a nod to the Barcelonian way of life and will stay true to the tapas culture of socialising and sharing food amid friendly banter and sangrias.

Bebemos brings exotic favourites ranging from the north’s seafood-focused cuisine to central Spain’s assorted roast meat specialities. The menu boasts of keeping the flavours as authentic as the tapas served in mainland Spain and uses speciality ingredients, including Bomba rice, olive oil, Ñora peppers, among many others sourced directly from Spain to give patrons an authentic experience.

Diners can expect an assorted fare of crisp, golden brown croquetas and robustly flavoured bombas, as well as a selection of bravas, including exotic renditions of crab ensalada, fried calamari and octopus that are sure to surprise the senses with the authentic flavours and artsy presentation.

Home to a large live paella grill, the restaurant offers diners their pick from five different types of paellas, with proteins ranging from assorted seafood to crustaceans, as well as chicken and artichokes. While honouring the authenticity of Spain’s flavours, Bebemos also tips its hat to the cosmopolitan side of Spain in its beverage offerings. The expansive selection of signature Spanish beverages includes assorted spirits and libations, nuanced with select molecular ingredients, highlighting the artistic and neo-modern duality of Barcelona. A similar rationale is evident across the decor, with splashes of vibrant colours inspired by artist Joan Miró’s  modernist sensibilities.

Open daily: 12 noon to 2am

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre
Airport Road, Garhoud, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 702 2455

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