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Asado, an Argentinean grill, offers premium meat cuts prepared on an open grill, ‘Asador Criollo’, in the centre of the restaurant and best Best Lounges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Cooking normally will involve a tremendous volume of strong, warm high temperature, in addition to is often used by preparing meats quickly. Food for being barbequed is usually cooked on a bbq (an start line grid like a gridiron having a high temperature resource over as well as below), some sort of bbq container (similar with a baking container, however having raised side rails for you to mirror your wiring of an start grill), as well as griddle (a flat plate heated up through below).

The weathered and rugged appearance of the restaurant reflects the gaucho-inspired aesthetic approach of Asado. True to its concept, large rotisseries and skewers are used for serving generous cuts of perfectly roasted meats, promising the diner a unique culinary experience. The mouth-watering food, wide selection of Argentinean beverages, traditional music and dances transport guests to the ambience of a typical Argentinean country farmhouse.

And just in time for the winter season, Asado has unveiled an exclusive outdoor seasonal lounge, featuring a contemporary exterior décor and offering an unmatched choice of delectable bites influenced by Latin American cuisine.

Open: 7pm to 11.30pm

The Palace, Downtown Dubai

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Downtown Dubai

Tel: +971 4 888 3444


Best Lounges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Best Lounges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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