Desert Fun


Camel racing

Camel races are a national pastime in the UAE and are taken very seriously by locals…

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Desert safari

One of the most exciting and popular Dubai activities is a desert safari tour…

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Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams or the Sun Mountain is the highest mountain of Oman and part of…

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1000 Nights Camp

For an unforgettable experience, spend a night under the stars at the 1000 Nights Camp, located deep…

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Desert Escapades

Experience Abu Dhabi in all its glory as you explore its desert landscape atop a camel…

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Desert Balloon Expeditions

These self-referenced ‘magic carpet ride’ expeditions presenting passengers with a distinctive view…

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Off-Road Driving

Off-road driving can be a great adventure for skilled drivers, but make sure you are well-prepared before…

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