UIM Powerboat World Championship

Abu Dhabi is also host of a UIM powerboat world championship event, which attracts a huge audience…

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Aquatic Journeys

For those that prefer things a little calmer, Yas Marina offers access to over 200 uninhabited islands…

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Wadi Bashing

One of the most exciting adventure sports of Abu Dhabi, wadi bashing is definitely not for the fainthearted…

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Off-Road Driving

Off-road driving can be a great adventure for skilled drivers, but make sure you are well-prepared before…

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Sand Skiing

Take everything you know about skiing and turn it upside down, as you take to some of the largest sand dunes…

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Main Attractions Abu Dhabi Art Fair

This platform for modern and contemporary art and public programs brings together a selection of leading…

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Golf in the Gulf

Abu Dhabi has a range of world-class golf courses, the most renowned of which, the Abu Dhabi Golf Club…

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