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The award-winning Cho Gao Restaurant and Lounges is a 21st century eatery combined with the creativity, energy and senses of ancient Asian culture. When you visit, you will experience an adventurous culinary journey through Asia with a menu that takes its inspiration from Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The lifestyle associated with Asia is actually human the world inside Asia. The item attributes varieties of ethnic historical past of the many nationalities, communities, in addition to ethnic organizations in the region, usually known as a new region coming from a Western-centric point of view, associated with Asia. The spot or maybe “continent” is actually additionally split into much more organic geographic in addition to ethnic subregions, including Main Asia, East Asia, Asia, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia in addition to West Asia. Geographically, Asia isn’t a definite region; culturally, there have been little oneness or maybe popular record with regard to a lot of the cultures in addition to ancestors associated with Asia. Oriental fine art, songs, in addition to delicacies, as well as novels, are very important areas of Oriental lifestyle. Western school of thought in addition to faith in addition performs an essential position, together with Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism in addition to Islam all actively playing key tasks. One of the most intricate areas of Oriental lifestyle would be the connection between traditional cultures plus the Traditional western planet.

Vietnam (Bahasa Vietnam: Việt Nam), bernama resmi Republik Sosialis Vietnam adalah negara paling timur di Semenanjung Indochina di Parts of asia Tenggara. Vietnam berbatasan dengan Republik Rakyat Tiongkok di sebelah utara, Laos di sebelah barat laut, Kamboja di sebelah barat daya john di sebelah timur terbentang Laut Tiongkok Selatan.

The heart of a Cho Gao restaurant and Lounges is an escape for all the senses, a unique Asian experience offering all the surprise ingredients built around the contrasting tastes and smells found in East Asian streets and their unique culture. With its relaxed inviting atmosphere, Cho Gao cleverly combines a contemporary chic bar that complements the casual dining style.

Open: 12 noon to 2am

Ground Floor, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

Hamdan Street

Tel: +971 2 616 6149

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