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A passion for jewellery, design, precious gems, the pursuit of excellence in every detail and the art of ‘handmade’ jewellery is the essence of Brumani. The legacy of the family from Italian and German immigrants, with more than 50 years of tradition in jewellery, has been left to the Brazilian brothers. Their strong and colourful identity elegantly depicts the spirit of Brazil into each and every Damas jewellery piece with the use of only the finest gemstones.

Creative director and founder, Eduardo Bruno, says, “As a portrait of the Brazilian soul, and the Brazilian way of life, the vibrancy of Brumani jewellery blends the classic and elegant with a contemporary design in a combination of colours and shapes.”





Founded in 1842, Fabergé has been the most revered name in Damas  jewellery ever since Peter Carl Fabergé became official goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court.

The house created exquisite jewels and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious Imperial Easter Eggs. Today, Fabergé continues to explore and epitomise the ‘art of colour’, pushing the boundaries of artistry and craftsmanship with superlative coloured gemstones and innovative techniques.


Fabergé Treillage Multicoloured Rose Gold Polished Pendant


Emotion Multicoloured Ring


Rococo Rose Gold Amethyst and Diamond Earrings

Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni was drawn into the world of jewellery at a very young age in the workshops of Valenza, the centre for the production of jewellery in Italy. He rapidly mastered the techniques and learned the secrets of the goldsmith’s trade, as well as developing a keen eye for detail. A piece of jewellery created by Pasquale Bruni is a work of art that charms with its minute details.


Bon Ton Kogolong Medium Earrings


Bon Ton Anelli Glamour


Bon Ton Ring



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