The brand EATALY is the combination of two English words: EAT and ITALY. Eataly is about eating Italian food, but it’s not just about Italian food. That Italian way of indulging at the table is the result of Italians enjoying excellent Mediterranean cuisine, combined with Italy’s food culture and history and the easy reproduction of many dishes of poor origin, along with many positive influences that Italian cuisine has gained from abroad over history.

Eataly’s main goal is to demonstrate that high-quality dishes can be made available to everyone, whether through ingredients in its retail section or through Eataly’s dining experience and cooking classes. Eataly was initially born by aggregating several small companies under one roof, resulting in exclusive and extremely authentic products being sold at a reasonable price. Currently, Eataly has two branches in the UAE; The Dubai Mall and Dubai Festival City Mall.

Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road,

Tel: +971 4 3308 899

Dubai Festival City Mall

Tel: +971 4 2241 083

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