Forever Rose

Opening in November 2020, Forever Rose now boasts its second all-day luxury café and restaurant experience (after Abu Dhabi). Based on a storybook theme, the venue makes patrons feel as if they are part of a drawing, with the real, three-dimensional world looking like a flat illustration.

From afar, the décor seems to be entirely monochrome with white floors and tables. The room, cups and plates are all in black and white, leaving only the customers, food and beverages in colour, recreating a romantic notion of being a part of a fairytale. Food-wise the focus is on quality and the menu has been created using only the finest of ingredients.

Whatever the occasion or whatever your taste, hot, cold, sweet or savoury, there’s something to suit everyone. Lovers of all things floral will also want to visit the adjoining Forever Rose Flower Shop.

Unit M6-03, Boxpark, Al Wasl Road

Tel: +971 50 605 3889

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