Forever Rose Cafe Abu Dhabi

Forever Rose Cafe was launched in the UAE by the globally recognised luxury florist Forever Rose London, recreating the floral boutique feel in an enchanting café setting, and offering its customers a unique luxury café and restaurant experience.

A first café in Abu Dhabi was opened in January 2020, with a second UAE outlet in Box Park, Dubai in November the same year.

A first for the Middle East, the café is developed in 2D illustrations, a literal work of whimsical artistry, with hand-shaded lines and gorgeous art deco design details. The café looks plucked from the pages of a sketch artist’s memoir of Paris, the continuity of its monochrome surrounds occasionally shattered by the contrast of colourful menu items and decorative crimson roses.

The Galleria Level 2, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 583 2487

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