Hibachi Sushi and Teppanyaki Restaurant

Let our chefs entertain you with a unique dining experience at Hibachi Teppanyaki Restaurant in Dubai. Guests are seated around one of several Teppanyaki/Hibachi tables where chefs never fail to thrill diners with a dazzling display as they flip, juggle and theatrically flame raw ingredients to create mouth-watering meals in front of you.

In addition to our teppanyaki experience, guests can also enjoy creations such as sushi, sashimi and makimono rolls freshly prepared at our sushi bar.
Tuesday Sushi Nights are one of the best in town, whether you are fond of sashimi or temaki, crispy prawn tempura, relish in a host of sushi creations freshly prepared by our skilled chefs. From the classics to the Hibachi signature culinary innovations, the spread offers everything fresh, delicious and flavourful.

Dinner 6.30pm – 11.30pm
For bookings, please call +971 4 705 4632

Images courtesy of Hibachi Sushi and Teppanyaki Restaurant

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