For over 30 years, FREYWILLE has been setting new standards in High end Jewellery design, enamelling processes and internationalisation. Its passion for the humanist and philosophical traditions of Europe is a defining element of the FREYWILLE culture, which places creative power and the joy of art above all else.

Under the direction of CEO Dr Friedrich Wille and creative director Simone Grünberger-Wille, the FREYWILLE artists combine their skill and talent to create unique, classic creations for their customers.

The collections frequently pay homage to the world’s greatest artists, with the likes of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Alphonse Mucha all used as reference points and inspiration.

One of  High end Jewellery FREYWILLE’s most glorious collections references the master French impressionist, Claude Monet, as you’ll see in the images below.

FREYWILLE has boutiques all over the world, including Dubai, where it is located in the Mall of the Emirates,  Deira City Centre and Central Galleria in the Mirdif City Centre. Visit the website to find the one nearest to you.

High end Jewellery Dubai and Abu Dhabi

High end Jewellery Dubai and Abu Dhabi




High end Jewellery Dubai and Abu Dhabi,
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