Lana Lusa

Leave the stress of the city at the door and slip into Lana Lusa’s modo de vida. Whether you’re in a crowd or a couple, looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the Portuguese dishes are made for sharing and richly filled with Mediterranean memory. Order a few and, if you’re lucky, you may just lose all track of time.

Lana Lusa revives the neighbourhood soul of old southern Europe, where a day could pass in a heartbeat. Or, just as easily, stretch out for an eternity.

Inspired by Portuguese roots, the menu is full of big dishes and real flavours, best shared across the table with cutlery clattering, plates stacking and conversation filling the air. Visit the bar for a quick coffee and a pastry, or grab a table for a casual meal that turns into one of those get-togethers lasting from noon ’til night.

See the chefs at work through the kitchen window, or find a moment of calm on the terrace. Wherever you choose to linger, this is the place to leave the relentless pace of the city firmly outside.


Homemade from fresh, high quality and (where possible) local ingredients the Lana Lusa menu explores the concept of ‘good’ food.

Here the focus is on what goes in rather than what is taken out as a response to uber-healthy detox and ‘free-from’ cafés everywhere.

The roots of the menu are in Portugal with touches of other Mediterranean influences throughout. Sharing is encouraged through large dishes and a combination of small plates across breakfast, lunch and dinner with a takeaway offer for pastries, coffee and fresh juices or smoothies.

Opening hours: weekdays 8am to 12 midnight, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 12 midnight

Wasl 51, Al Wasl Road Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 380 1515

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