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There is a new restaurant to try out in Abu Dhabi and it is bound to take taste buds on a culinary cabaret! Limo offers authentic Peruvian cuisine paired with a unique and modern service style.

Peruvian cuisine is prepared differently in every region of the country, based on the climate and ingredients available in that specific region. Inspired by century-old traditions, Limo serves delectable dishes that boast the best of the mountains, the coast and the jungle. Each dish being an eclectic fusion of Asian, African, Spanish, British and Italian cuisines inspired by the plethora of immigrants who came in search of mystery and romance and stayed to call Peru home.

There are no menus available at Limo; instead, the gastronomy is temptingly presented table-side for the guests to choose. Tease your tastebuds with mouth-watering dishes such as Ceviche Aji Amarillo, Chupe Lobster, Amazonas, Tres Leches and so much more.

Limo is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 7pm to 12 midnight. Dishes are priced at AED 25 for the starters, AED 35 for the main course, and AED 25 for the dessert. Guests are encouraged to come in a smart casual attire. Children from age 12 and above are welcome.

Bab-Al-Qasr Hotel and Residences, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 205 3003






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