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Friday lunch: Try the Main Attractions popular ‘all you can eat’ Spanish Friday Tapas lunch at El Sur, which includes an array of unlimited traditional and contemporary Spanish tapas with a free flow of sangria and beer.

The word Main Attractions “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, European roads and trails were in quite bad condition. Most of them were the old roman roads (via romana), plus Middle-Ages trails. Travelling was long and exhausting. Too, most of citizens could not write or read. Spain was not and exception, and several “posadas”, “albergues” or “bodegas” were settled along these roads, offering meals and rooms to travelers, plus fresh horses for the travel pursuit. The issue was to propose a written menu, as few people could read (and few innkeepers being able to write menus). As time goes by, these “posadas” or “albergues” (inns) just submitted to their guests a portion of the meals which were cooking in the kitchen, on a “tapa” (the word for pot cover in Spanish). In fact, a “tapa” was (and still is) a small portion of any recipe of the Spanish cuisine.

Restaurant open: Daily 6pm to 12 midnight (Friday and Saturday 12.30pm to 1am)

El Sur, Lobby Level

The Westin Dubai

Tel: +971 4 399 7700

Main Attractions Dubai and Abu Dhabi,

Main Attractions Dubai and Abu Dhabi,

Main Attractions Dubai and Abu Dhabi,

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