New Chef De Cuisine At Seafire Steakhouse Introduces A Mouthwatering Menu With A New York Style Flair

Defining the benchmark for steak restaurants in Dubai, Seafire Steakhouse & Bar showcases the finest beef and seafood in the city. A New York-style restaurant and bar, it is renowned for its generous portion sizes, extensive wine cellar, live entertainment, and of course, its world-famous beef. At Seafire Steakhouse & Bar, dining is a bespoke experience. It begins when you choose the cut of your steak, then watch as it’s cooked exactly the way you like it. Next, select your knife, salt and condiments for a meal like no other. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine, Steven Fair, the innovative menu, prepared in the open theatrical kitchen, features exquisite and unique dishes. The restaurant’s walk-in wine cellar offers diners a vast selection of grape from around the world with over 4,000 bottles to choose from.

To find out more about Seafire Steakhouse & Bar or to make a reservations log onto or call + 971 4 426 2626. Alternatively check us out on social media @seafiresteakhouse

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