Seafood Market

Reinventing the sea-to-table dining experience, Seafood Market was the first market-style restaurant to have opened in Dubai, in 1992, and has since been renowned for its freshest seafood. The culinary philosophy leans heavily on Far Eastern cuisine, with unique creations that tell the story of both traditional Asian specialties with a generous mix of contemporary renditions.

With market-style displays of daily caught fresh fish and shell fish, the restaurant perfectly captures the essence of busy Asian markets amid a cruise-liner themed setting. At Seafood Market diners shop for their meal, choosing the catch of the day from the astonishing array of seafood. The restaurant’s 18 seawater tanks are home to live oysters from France, lobsters from USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Additionally, more variety of live seafood is available such as king crabs from Norway, snow crabs and mud crabs from Oman, Australia, New Zealand along with local hamour, halwayoo, red mullet, salmon, baby shark amongst others, making Seafood Market an absolute heaven for seafood aficionados.

Synonymous with impeccable service, the award winning culinary team has curated an impressive menu with particular focus on using the finest produce and the freshest ingredients to delight patrons with an immersive dining experience. Offerings include tantalizing renditions of Asian delicacies and a stunning selection of soups and noodle dishes that are reminiscent of rustic, comforting home-style flavours.

Drawing inspiration from the culinary heritage of the Far East, the menu offers a wide choice of sauces, with favourites like hot chili sauce, peppered lime and garlic sauce, oyster sauce and the ultra-popular Thermidor sauce that perfectly complements Lobster preparations that diners can pick for their choice of seafood.

Elevating its impressive offerings, Seafood Market is home to a curated selection of grapes – Chardonnays that pair perfectly with Australian or Boston lobsters tossed in lemon butter sauce. Semi dry Chenin Blanc from the Loire valley flavours up fiery mussels in chili sauce while oysters and fresh shells can be washed down with a chilled Sauvignon.

Seafood Market’s cruise-liner inspired décor, featuring of an artful blend of dark timber, glass and steel, combined with the assorted variety of seafood displayed in seawater tanks renders the feeling of being close to the sea as you enjoy the best seafood menu in the heart of Dubai.

Trading Hours:
Lunch – 12:30PM – 5:00PM
Dinner – 7:00PM – 11:30PM

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre
Tel: +971 4 702 2455

Images courtesy of Seafood Market

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