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Although English is widely spoken throughout the United Arab Emirates, the following words and phrases may prove helpful during your stay.

Yes Na’am
No La’
Hello Marhaba
Thank you Ashkurak (female – ashkurik)
Welcome Ahlan wa sahlan
How are you? Kaif halak? (female – kaif halik?)
Very well, thank you Taib katheer, shokran
I am grateful Ana muttashakkir
Thank you for your hospitality Shokran ala hathihi-l-dhiafah
Good morning Sabah al-khair
Good evening Masa’al-khair
Goodbye Fi aman lllah
How much? Qadaish
On the right ‘Ala yaminak
On the left ‘Ala shimalak
Straight ahead Doghri
When? Emta?
I do not have… Ma’indi…
Stop Qif
Go Imshi
I don’t speak Arabic Ma ata – kallam Arabi
What time is it? As-sa’a kam?
Call me a taxi Areed taxi
I want to buy… Areed ashtiri…
Do you sell…? Andak…?
Where is the market? Wain is-souq?
One Wahid
Two Ithnain
Three Thalatha
Four Arba’a
Five Khamsa
Six Sitta
Seven Sab’a
Eight Thamaniya
Nine Tis’a
Ten Ashara
Hundred Mi’a
Thousand Alf
Sunday Yom al-ahad
Monday Yom al-ithnain
Tuesday Yom ath-thalatha
Wednesday Yom al-arba’a
Thursday Yom al-khamees
Friday Yom al-jum’a
Saturday Yom as-sabt
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