The Locals

Local residents are easily distinguishable from tourists as they often wear traditional garments; for men this means the dishdasha, a long white collarless gown and matching headdress (guhtrah). Local Emirati women wear abayas over their clothing; a long, black loose-fitting garment that may be worn with a nijab (face covering) headdress. While Islam is the prominent faith followed by Emirati people, Abu Dhabi residents are renowned for their religious tolerance and it is not uncommon to see Christian churches or Hindu temples alongside traditional mosques. This unifying nature is due to the influx of immigrants over the past century. Iranians moved to the desert paradise in the early 1900s, while Indians and Pakistanis flocked to the UAE capital during the 1960s.
(A calll...) Sheikh Zayed Mosque.© Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. jpg

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