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Louvre Abu Dhabi is the result of a shared vision between France and Abu Dhabi to create a universal museum in the Arab world. It is the first of its kind in the region and offers a new perspective of the history of art in a globalised world.

The iconic dome-shaped structure is a modern masterpiece designed by Jean Nouvel and is located on the waterfront in Abu Dhabi’s cultural Saadiyat Island district.

The inaugural installation houses 12 galleries presenting more than 600 works of art – half of which come from its own rich holdings and half from visiting collections from its 13 partner museums in France. Louvre Abu Dhabi will also host an ongoing program of special exhibitions and events throughout the calendar year.

The museum’s collection spans the history of humanity and explores a universal narrative through artworks and artefacts from all over the world. The inaugural installation takes visitors on a chronological journey from prehistory to present day, encompassing 12 chapters of humanity, from the birth of the first villages and universal religions, to the magnificence of the royal court and the modern world.

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s universality is revealed in stages throughout the museum and, in the spirit of demonstrating humanity’s common threads, is a vast historical fresco of its development and evolution. This is illustrated by works of art from around the world and from across eras and cultures, as the museum boasts exceptional loans from French museums housed alongside its own splendid collection.

The galleries encompass 6400 square metres, accommodating the museum’s growing collection of exceptional treasures. It has more than 620 important artworks and artefacts from significant periods in human history, including ancient Egypt, ancient Chinese dynasties, the Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Benin (in present day Nigeria), the Renaissance, the Impressionists and the Modernists. These displays include ancient archaeological finds, decorative arts, neoclassical sculptures, contemporary installations and paintings by modern masters.

Louvre Abu Dhabi also presents four special exhibitions each year, curated and organised in collaboration with French partner institutions and Agence France-Muséums. This rich and diverse program complements the permanent collection and enhances the museum’s universal narrative.

Saadiyat Cultural District, Abu Dhabi

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