Life’s a Cinch

A new app means no excuse for bad videos when travelling now with the release of an intriguing little app that guides users in capturing, editing and sharing video content.

Melbourne entrepreneurs Alexandra Kinloch, along with co-founder Ben Rashleigh devised ‘Cinch’ after travelling through the Simpson Desert in Australia, and as Kinloch explains things, became crystal clear that capturing holiday snaps on a smartphone could actually be better than video if the right tools were used.

“Having been a professional photographer I was inspired to capture the adventure on video, but instead of creating a video I wanted to show my family and friends I ended up creating a video that even I didn’t want to watch,” says Alexandra.

“I knew there had to be a better way to easily learn how to capture and edit video all on your smartphone.”

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The way it works is that Cinch guides users through the filming and editing process with on-screen guidelines, making it easy to record, trim, rearrange and add music. So, you’re basically a mini-filmaker in a modern world. It’s compact and take anywhere, like your back pocket.

Unique to Australia in the sense that Cinch is the only app of its kind developed in the country, it has in-app video editing and one touch export to YouTube, Facebook and email. Everything is accessible and ready to view in the shortest possible time, but more importantly the visuals are immense.

“It always surprises me how many boring videos there are out there of exciting things!” says Alexandra.

“With Cinch we just want to make it a little easier to capture the fun of a family holiday or the excitement of a wedding without needing to be a professional videographer.”

The Cinch Video app is free for a limited time and available in the iTunes App Store from September 20. Cinch was recently the number 1 new app in the iTunes App Store photo and video section.


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