Mohalla, located at the vibrant and urban Design District welcomes you to enjoy an exotic take on Indian street food. 

The word Mohalla carries a similar meaning in multiple languages (Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Uzbekistani) of “my neighborhood” or “my community” and so it inspired the meaning behind Mohalla, an ode to the community neighborhoods of India. Now Mohalla welcomes the neighbors of Dubai to an intimate and soulful dining experience to genuine Indian comfort food.

The eatery aims to provide the same authenticity known to Indian childhood, complemented by contemporary interiors and an enchanting atmosphere. Mohalla will offer unexplored food from rural places of India to educate not only the expatriate population, but also the Indians about the lost cuisines and various food cultures within the country.

At Mohalla there is no judgment, slurp the soup, lick the chutney, eat with your hands, comfort and enjoyment is what matters most. Food is prepared in 3 spice levels, mild, spicy and sweaty.

Mohalla is driven by the philosophy to incorporate warm Indian service, quality produce and an unrelenting commitment to visionary restaurant practices.

Location: Building 5, Ground Floor, Dubai Design District
Tel: 800 MOHALLA (800 664 2552)
Opening Hours: Open Daily from Midday – 10pm

Images courtesy of Mohalla

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