The London Project

The London Project Opens Its Doors to An Ultimate Dining Experience Serving Up London Eclectic This December

A Destination Where Food, Fashion, Art, Culture and a Global Community Unites

The London Project is thrilled to announce they will be opening their doors this December in prime place on Bluewater Islands.  Through the careful filtration of elegance, reverie, passion and peerless expert experience in the industry, a new London emerges on Bluewater Island, at the foot of Ain Dubai.

The London Project walls encapsulate the heart and soul of the beautiful global city that is London. Through the food, aesthetic, art, music and the people The London Project takes their guests on a dining journey like no other.

Every aspect of every aesthetic has been carefully considered by the discerning eyes of our two project founders, from the acoustics of knife on plate, to the DJs set list, to the carefully selected chefs, to the serif on the lettering of their own distilled gin. And there are no better-proven custodians of good taste than The London Projects creators, Stephen Valentino and Keith West.

The London Project is offering a delicious and curated “London eclectic menu”. Inspired from the street food of the boroughs to the fine food of the high streets, the venue offers an experience full of global influences, flavours and styles, coupled with innovative and contemporary cooking techniques.

Through the food The London Project will support local businesses, producers, farmers and artisans, showcasing the freshest, organic and world-class ingredients. The menu is designed to be shared and invites people to fill the table with food. The award-winning Chefs are curating an experience for everyone where some dishes are relatable and others are high end ingredient focused.

The menu concept echoes the interior, with multiple environments providing personalized experiences.

Appetizers are designed to suit the bar crowd or a more casual dining experience the appetizer section of the menu offers everything from sharing options such as a decadent seafood tower showcasing the finest and freshest seafood to finger food items like a purple potato tacos filled with braised beef and black garlic.

Entrees lean more towards the Chefs’ fine dining backgrounds and provides sharing styled plates. This area of the menu is where we angle toward more ingredient focused dishes such as; hand dived scallops served with locally made chorizo, an avocado puree, compressed kohlrabi, citrus and green chilli.

Mains are split into three different subheadings; Plated Mains is the part of the menu where dishes are more like traditional favourites featuring items such as ‘The London Project Fish & Chips’ which takes the British classic and gives it a respectful pampering; Line Caught Haddock battered in Champagne and served with hand cut fries, sauce gribiche, malt vinegar, a pea puree and pea shoots.

Off The Grill the steak section is to be treated as more of a wine list where guests can work their way through a selection of steaks, starting with more entry level cuts and working up through larger and more first class cuts such as a 9+ Chocolate Fed Wagyu from Australia.

Pizzas & Burgers the venue’s top floor has a state-of-the-art live pizza section with a specialty Italian clay oven. The choices of burgers also provide a relatable menu items that has been given a gourmet twist.

Dessert provides a very unique offering of contemporary plated dishes. The signature dessert is a Vanilla yoghurt parfait served with strawberries, a strawberry sorbet, yoghurt crisp, a gin and mint granite and edible flowers. This dish is the Chefs’ take on the classic strawberries and cream but has been given a The London Project twist with the addition of botanicals inspired by the Gin Garden.

The London Project will deliver multiple customer experiences making it an ideal venue to revisit, during the day and at night. Each of the spaces within The London Project has its own focal point: The Living Ground Floor Dining Bar is inspired by the form of a tree, creating a rich communal area, framed by the verdant embrace of a leafy canopy. The Gin Garden is a wild, enchanted English country garden featuring bespoke art inspired by nature, by fairy tales and a dream of rural reclamation.

Images courtesy of The London Project 

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