Newly launched Yava is named after Yafa, which is known for its orange trees. Bursting with culinary delights, Yava mixes the flavours of 21 Mediterranean countries.

It features dishes designed to make patrons feel like home, or as if they are on holiday and soaking in the beauty that is the Mediterranean (perfect for those who have travel FOMO). 

Dishes include:

Breakfast: Start your day with a platter of dishes from across the Mediterranean including:  Nutella, Honey Comb with Cream, Orange Jam Tahini with Grape Molasses, Fresh Fruits, Labneh, Mixed Cheese, Cold Cuts, Grilled Soujuk, Olives, Two Sunny Side Up Eggs and Mediterranean Bagel.

Starters: Chestnut and oyster mushrooms creamy truffle soup served with gnocchi and toasted bread

Main meals include: Lobster Ricotta (lobster with ricotta cheese, lemon olive sauce, truffle oil and honey), Yava Signature Salad (Spinach, blood orange, orange, Nabulsi cheese, pecan nuts and our signature dressing), Chicken Meatballs and Lemon Butter Orzu (homemade chicken meatballs served with lemon butter orzo, feta cream and sun-dried tomato sauce and Creamy Sun-dried Tomatoes Lamb (lamb shanks with creamy sun-dried tomato orzo).

Yava brings an authentic touch straight from the Mediterranean, with a stunning orange tree at the entrance of the restaurant to interiors that transport you to the shores of the sea. Open from 8am to 11pm weekdays and 9am to 12 midnight weekends.

Wasl 51, Block A

Tel: +971 4 548 5733


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