Pop Art to Picasso-Attractions

The Big Picture is now accepting submissions for all UAE resident visual artists Pop Art to Picasso-Attractions. The exhibition, in its second year edition, will be held at Pro Art Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 10 May to 20 May 2014. The BIG Picture is an independent art exhibition; self-funded and organised by participating artists. The 2013 edition concept was inspired by a fast and busy society that often magnifies minor issues and gets caught up in the details of a demanding daily schedule, while ignoring the vision and the essence of where we are all heading as collectives or individuals and neglecting the significance of the journey and the overall process we each follow.
The BIG Picture demolishes boundaries and gives the artists the freedom to express their interpretation of this message in a simple method, freeing it from art politics, galleries’ profitable guidelines or fame-driven market, while emphasising the importance of it via large pieces. It is an exhibition that does not limit the artists with the commercial factors and allows them to concentrate on art for art’s sake. The exhibition is also going to have original works by legendary artists such as Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Roy Liechtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Bansky. Those remarkable works are going to be curated alongside artworks by more than 30 artists from the UAE.
The BIG Picture will be exploring multifaceted artistic creations, featuring paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, performance art, installation as well as audio visual arts, by emerging and established artists. In its second edition, The BIG Picture will continue with its original concept and will also focus on the anatomy of the body and internal organs.
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